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Access by car

  1. JR Natori Station" about 6km from downtown Natori on Route 4 bypass, about 15 minutes.

  2. Take Prefectural Road 129 east toward Yuriage Port.

  3. Turn right at the intersection of "Natori IC Exit" and drive 2.5 km (approx. 4 min.)

Parking Infomation

  • The asphalt parking lot on the west side of the morning market can accommodate up to 200 cars.

  • The unpaved parking lot on the south side of the asphalt parking lot is also available, but since there are no demarcation lines, please park in an orderly fashion so that other customers can park comfortably.

  • The Memorial Park parking lot to the north may be used only on Sundays and holidays when the morning market is held.

*All parking lots are public. We are not responsible for any theft or accident while using the parking lots.

*The street between the morning market parking lot and the morning market site is a public street and parking is prohibited.

*Please refrain from parking on public streets around the morning market.

Click here to download the parking map→

Access by train

  1. From JR Sendai Station, take the Tohoku Main Line, Joban Line, or Sendai Airport Access Line.

  2. About 15 minutes ride. Get off at JR Natori Station (4th stop). 240 yen one way. 

  3. Please take "Natori Bus Natorin-go" or cab from "Natori Station East Exit".

Access by bus
("Natirin-go" shared-ride bus)

  • Natori Station→Yuriage  Minato Asaichi (about 19 minutes)

  • Yuriage Minato Asaichi → "Sendai Airport" (about 12 minutes)

  • Detailed bus route maps and timetables are available on the Natori City website.

Access by taxi

  • From JR Sendai Station in downtown Sendai
    Cab: approx. 4,680 yen one way (approx. 15 km, 40 min.)

  • From "AEON MALL Natori" or "Morisekino-shita Station" of Sendai Airport Access Line
    Cab: approx. 2,300 yen one way (approx. 6 km, 10 min.)

  • From "JR Natori Station", Route 4 Bypass, downtown Natori
    Cab: approx. 2,390 yen one way (approx. 6 km, 15 min.)

  • From "Sendai Airport (Sendai International Airport)" or "Sendai Airport Station" of Sendai  Airport Access Line
    Cab: approx. 2,900 yen one way (approx. 6.4 km, 9 min.)

  • From "Mitazono Station" of Sendai Airport Access Line
    Cab: approx. 1,480 yen one way (approx. 4.7 km, 8 min.)


Cab fares are estimates for normal daytime hours. The taxi fare may vary depending on the time of day, route, traffic congestion, and other conditions.

Yuriage Area Map

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