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About Maple Hall

About Maple Hall

It houses five food court stores, as well as a video showing of the earthquake disaster and recovery goods.
The facility was built with the support of the Canadian federal government and other organizations, and is made of Canadian lumber.
It also sells local products and recovery goods, and has an exhibition of pre- and post-disaster photos and a corner showing footage of the tsunami.

Yuriage Minato Asaichi Shopping Street in Yuriage, Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture, was severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, and in May 2012, as part of the "Canada-Tohoku Reconstruction Project," Sercohome designed and built the Yuriage Minato Asaichi Reconstruction (Maple Hall, Pavilion and stores). In May 2013, Yuriage Minato Asaichi was restored two years after the earthquake.
The "Yuriage Minato Asaichi" project, centering on Sercohome's first phase Maple Hall and 13 stores, which became the central facility of the project, was awarded the 2017 Good Design Special Prize.

Shops in Maple Hall
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